Working from Home? Top 11 Home Office Renovations of 2022

Working from Home? Top 11 Home Office Renovations of 2022

  • Julie Altenbach
  • 09/6/22

In the last three years, remote work has completely transformed more than just the business world. It has also transformed how we shop for and renovate homes. Today, millions of professionals have migrated to working from a home office instead of commuting. Of course, most homes did not actually have a home office before the remote work revolution. While many a spare bedroom has seen the addition of a desk, the hottest home renovation trends of 2022 have spotlighted homeowners taking their home office design to an all-new level.

For sprawling suburban homes in East Cobb or Roswell, GA, there is often an extra room or two that could be renovated into your ideal home office. The question is: what are the ideal renovations? If you are working from home this year, let's dive into the top eleven home office renovations.

1. Built-in desks and elegant cabinetry

The number one way to claim a space as your home office is to build in a desk and cabinetry. Storage is typically what your converted spare room or basement office lacks when you first move the desk in, and DIY desks are typically much less sturdy or functional than those you can have professionally installed.

Modern home professionals benefit from the elegance of desks and cabinetry that match, creating an attractive view during your video meetings. Not only will you have the efficiency and convenience of built-in storage, but you can also build your home office structure to best compliment the shape and utility of the room.

2. Home streaming studio

Speaking of video meetings, the second leading home office renovation is a streaming studio. Right now, millions of at-home professionals are holding daily video calls, and those calls need to look professional. Unfortunately, most laptop cameras and even monitor-mounted webcams have unflattering angles with poor lighting, even in an elegant home office.

The solution? Design your home office renovation as a personal streaming studio. Install a camera mount at the right distance behind and above your desk for a flattering above-down shot of your face and shoulders. Add a place for a ring-light for even, flattering illumination, and a microphone arm for perfectly positioned and noise-filtered sound quality.

Combined with an artfully designed "backdrop" of office shelves or perhaps a well-draped window, you can look amazing in every video call from your new home office.

3. Home streaming studio

Many households have two professionals working from home. If you can work in parallel harmony with your partner and they also need a home office, you can design a home office for two. Dual home offices are a rising trend as families adapt to the convenience of remote work and the luxury of a well-designed home office.  Dual offices can take up opposite walls, form a horse-shoe with a shared desk center, or face each other in an elegant central design depending on your work style and the shape of your room.

Complimentary work styles

Many couples have complementary working styles and may even provide each other focus when working together. You may be able to share music or quiet television, bounce ideas off each other, and share pleasant lunch breaks. Or you can place a divider in-between to help you from chatting with your favorite person too much during work hours.

Homework desk for kids

When considering dual-office designs, don't forget homework space for the kids. If you have school-aged children, they might appreciate joining the quiet, shared workspace when it's time to do their own "paperwork" at home.

4. Home office + home gym designs

The home office and the home gym are natural complements to one another. Many people used to rely on their office's fitness center or on stopping at the gym on their commute home. With the commute and office building out of the picture, it's time to bring the gym home, as well.

In fact, thousands of now-remote professionals have discovered that combining the two in one room design is the perfect solution. Workday exercise helps you to stay both fit and alert. Many are optimizing floor space in their home office for weight sets, yoga mats, treadmills, and stair-steppers. One workout machine and a set of racks and shelves for your floor workout equipment are all you need to join the trend of a home office and home gym design.

5. Mini break room & coffee station

Anyone can put a Keurig on a filing cabinet, but a real coffee station is a masterwork of decadent-smelling luxury. Coffee stations are increasingly popular in both home office and kitchen designs in the last year, combining the simple installation of a bar sink with custom cabinetry. Design a custom arrangement to hold all your coffee fixin's and clean mugs just the way you like them.

The coffee station is also your ideal opportunity to build yourself a mini break room. The right design can provide cold and hot drinks, quick lunch salads, and healthy snacks to keep you powered and focused throughout your at-home work day. Tuck the mini-fridge and microwave into the cabinetry to make your office more attractive when closed up and give yourself just the right details to make your coffee station feel delightful and charming each time you take a break.

6. The office lounge

Instead of a home gym, you can choose to design the other half of your office as a guest lounge. While you may not be seeing many clients in your home office (unless you do), you might host visiting family and share time during your work hours. An office lounge offers you a place to catch a nap, welcome guests, spend time with your kids doing homework, and turn your office into a more multi-purpose space for the household.

An office lounge is typically defined by furniture, placing couches and chairs on one side of the office, but you can get creative with your renovation choices. Split flooring (tile for the office chair and carpet for the guests) or placement of your mounted screens may make the office more welcoming as a guest lounge.

7. Reclaim parts of a larger room

Not every home, no matter how beautiful, have a spare room for an office. But you might have an extra-large great room or basement den that could stand to lose a comfortable office section. When renovating, you have the choice to permanently or flexibly reclaim a portion of a larger room to create your home office. You can choose to build a wall and door to create a completely private new home office. Or you can use dividers or hanging screens to create a flexible, temporary space. Some people use tall bookshelves as a creative and attractive way to create a temporary wall, while others place a half-wall and give themselves the feel of an open-plan workspace while designating their office zone for focus and occasional privacy.

8. Mounted hardware and clutter-minimizing design

Minimal offices are in high vogue right now. Invisible hardware and empty desk surfaces are the goals, seeking a sense of pristine clarity instead of the usual office clutter. How do you do it? You lift the hardware off the desk and mount it on the wall.

Mounting hardware is the key to an exquisitely minimal office design. Whether you favor heavy wood or gleaming white office design, you can achieve that clean-desk look with mounting. Mount your surround-sound speakers in the upper corner of the room. Mount your primary monitor – or monitors – to the wall instead of setting them on the desk surface. Use organizers, drawers, and nearby at-hand shelves to contain all clutter. Choose a sleek wireless keyboard or use a keyboard drawer to tidy your final desk surface item.

Some home offices have a television mounted opposite the desk, where the guest loungers can watch, or opposite the treadmill. You can also have smart home devices mounted to keep your smart speakers off your surface. For a final touch, place one little succulent plant on your otherwise clean desk.

9. Creating the view you want to see

What you see when sitting at your desk can shape your experience and your performance. Looking out a sunny window or at an organized shelf is far better than looking at clutter. It helps your mind to stay tidy and refreshed, as well as provides a nice view. So take control of your view.
One of the best things you can do for yourself during a home office renovation is to consider where you will be looking. Align your desk direction and your stare-into-space view range to be elegant, organized, and attractive. Even if that means changing your desk direction or installing shelves to improve the view from your desk.

10. Home office light fixtures

We cannot overstate the importance of home office lighting. Everyone knows that a buzzing halogen light can give you a headache, but insufficient home lighting can also be a problem. Many spare bedrooms have one dim overhead flush light or ceiling fan that is simply not ample enough for office work. Don't forget to consider your light fixtures when upgrading your home office. Good lighting can make a surprising difference to your efficiency and your mood each day.

The best lighting is overhead canister lights, providing even and adjustable brightness throughout the room. However, a stronger or better dispersed central light can also provide all the illumination you need. Watch out for lights that create shadows in your streaming camera view.

11. Uniquely ergonomic design

Last and perhaps most importantly; design with ergonomics in mind. Ergonomics originally meant a design that promotes work efficiency. Today, it also means designs that work perfectly with your body to promote efficiency. An ergonomic chair and keyboard can help you to avoid back pains or wrist pains after long hours. An ergonomic desk is just the right height for you, with every drawer and cabinet the right distance away. An ergonomic home office is one where every detail considers not just good design principles, but the designs that work best for you.

When designing your home office renovation, consider what little details will make the office uniquely comfortable to your body and working style.

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