What to Know Before Selling an East Cobb, GA Home

What to Know Before Selling an East Cobb, GA Home

  • Julie Altenbach
  • 04/12/22

Homes for sale in East Cobb, GA, sell quickly, so you must be prepared to act before listing your property. Whether you're an investor looking for your next opportunity or selling a luxury home for another in the area, it's critical to know the characteristics of this market and how to use them to your advantage. Let’s take a look.

High expectations

One of the first things to know is the East Cobb real estate market is highly competitive. Homes sell quickly because of the limited number of properties available in this affluent area. Additionally, buyers expect outstanding amenities and features from the homes they buy. The bottom line is if you plan to compete in this market and enjoy a sizable ROI from your sale, you need to present a home that's well maintained and up to date.

What are the buyers in this area looking for when investing in luxury real estate?
  • Space: One of the core components of homes in the area that do well on the market is their generous floor space. While they don’t have to be 4,000 square feet, homes with at least 2,000 are popular.

  • Outdoor space: In East Cobb, some of the best-selling properties are those with ample space to offer outside. Homes with exteriors that have been updated and modernized, such as a finished patio or entertainment areas, do well on the market.

  • Modern kitchens: Since many of the homes in the area are older, home buyers expect renovated kitchens and bathrooms with modern amenities and elegant design upgrades. Ample storage, stainless steel finishings, and stone countertops are the most common.
  • Restored features: If the home is older and stately, homebuyers typically expect it to be in good condition. It’s essential to take care of the brick façade, ensure the roof doesn’t need repairs, and make upgrades that fit the character and history of the property itself.

  • Luxurious interiors: Aside from the kitchen and bathroom, East Cobb buyers may also be looking for an elegant, separate dining room, beautiful and modern lighting throughout, and crisp, clean designs. Hardwood floors are an expectation in many cases as well.
If your home warrants upgrades in any area, doing so now may be essential to getting top dollar for the home. Move-in-ready homes which don’t require a lot of structural upgrading tend to attract higher offers when it comes time to sell.

The location sells itself

There’s quite a lot to love about East Cobb, so homes in this area often sell quickly and for a reasonable price. This affluent suburb is recognized for its excellent school system, and if your property is close to one of these top-rated schools, there’s a good chance it will do well. Another excellent benefit is the support for local youth programs and families. With its community-oriented and family-friendly atmosphere, many people find East Cobb an attractive place to live.
Chattahoochee River, Photo courtesy of Georgia State Signal
Another critical factor of the area is the numerous activities and experiences to enjoy. For example, ample hiking and biking trails nearby are a significant part of the active lifestyle valued in East Cobb. Nature itself is a prominent feature here — a desirable attribute harder to find in dense urban areas. Access to the Chattahoochee River also affords plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air. For more social, high-end amenities, the area is also home to a host of country clubs and golf courses.

Buyers are also attracted to the impressive selection of residential experiences afforded by East Cobb, GA. There are a variety of single-family homes to choose from and high-end townhomes, condos, and even some remarkable estates. Its proximity to Atlanta makes East Cobb a great place for those who commute to the city each day for work. As such, properties with quick access to the area’s highway are consequently rated higher in value.

If your property boasts any of these features or benefits, be sure to highlight them in your listing. Since these factors contribute to buyers investing in the area, they’re essential to your marketing.

Buy before you list

For those preparing to list their home for sale in East Cobb, it may be necessary to first start by purchasing your next property. The market can be intense, and most properties will likely receive multiple offers — some even sell for over their listing price. If that's likely to happen to the home you plan to list; you want to be sure you have a place to move into right away.

Buying a home in the area may take time due to the limited options. If you are looking for a beautiful luxury property in East Cobb, you’ll need to be ready to move when it lists on the market. For that reason, work with your lender to get approved for a loan. Then, work with your East Cobb real estate agent to find homes in the area which fit your wants and needs, and be ready to place an offer before you lose the property to another buyer.

It’s a buyer’s market

East Cobb is an attractive area for many types of buyers. There is a solid rental market here that opens the door to opportunities for buying, upgrading, and selling. However, the area’s home prices continue to rise year over year. With double-digit growth in the region over the last few years, sellers must price their properties well so buyers are drawn to your property and may engage in bidding war scenarios.

Work with an East Cobb realtor

Most homes in East Cobb receive multiple offers, and some well-cared-for properties with modern amenities sell over their asking price. At the same time, there are homes listed for sale here that don't do well because they’re overpriced or lack features buyers want.

Because it is such a tricky market to navigate, it’s critical to work with a real estate agent who can help with every step of the process. This includes completing a comparative market analysis to determine home prices that are the most likely to draw the most attention to the property.

It’s also important to work with an agent who knows which upgrades the property may benefit from to sell at a higher price point. There may be some inexpensive home improvements you can complete to make the home’s value rise to where you want it to be. Just be sure to consult with your agent first.

Additionally, listing with an agent is critical to gain market exposure and draw investors and home buyers looking for the actual value. The insights and support you’ll get from a real estate team are critical to having a successful transaction.

It's also a good idea to get insight into what's happening in your area of East Cobb, whether that's in Westfield, Sandy Plains, Vandiver Heights, or other sites. This type of localized support and guidance will inform which updates to complete on your home and price it accurately so it can perform competitively on the market. To sell real estate quickly and efficiently, you also need to know which positive attributes of the surrounding community to advertise, which can help draw in today's most discerning buyers.

Work with Julie Altenbach for expert guidance

Selling a home in East Cobb
is exciting, especially if you can take full advantage of the real estate market. Work with a real estate agent capable of providing exceptional insight and support. If you are listing your East Cobb home for sale, reach out to Julie and her team today for a complete evaluation and a comprehensive guide every step of the way.

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