When moving to Atlanta and the Metropolitan area, you can expect significant changes—but good ones! Still, it’s important to be prepared so that your transition is smooth and you can adjust comfortably to life in your new community. Depending on where you are moving from, the lifestyle and atmosphere in the Atlanta Metropolitan area may be significantly different from what you are accustomed to. Read on for top tips from Julie Altenbach to help you feel right at home.


What to Expect When Relocating to the Atlanta Metropolitan Area

As an expert agent and Atlanta relocation guide, Julie strives to oversee the entire relocation journey. She can provide valuable insight into the logistics of moving to Atlanta and the community itself. She will help you have a solid understanding of the following:

  • The appropriate neighborhood for your comfort and lifestyle
  • Quality schools for any children in the family
  • Storage or moving services
  • Pick-ups and transportation
  • Generating connections throughout the community

Finding the Right Neighborhood

There is certainly no lack of luxury in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, but not all upscale neighborhoods have the same atmosphere. Some neighborhoods are more suited for small children, as they feature a tranquil atmosphere, direct access to parks, playgrounds, and quieter sidewalks for safety. Others may offer busier nightlife, a hustle-and-bustle vibe, and an array of amenities within reach. It’s essential that you choose a neighborhood that matches your personality and your family’s needs. Julie will anticipate your concerns and connect you with communities where you and your family will feel a sense of belonging.


Quality Schools

If you have children, access to the highest-rated schools is likely at the top of your list. The Atlanta Metropolitan area is home to an array of exceptional public and private schools that will help your children succeed in their academic and extracurricular endeavors. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for special needs programs, whether public or private, while living in Atlanta. The educational opportunities in the area produce confident, competent students who are prepared to move forward in the world.


Generating Connections Through the Community

To feel a sense of belonging, it’s essential to connect with your new community. The Atlanta Metropolitan area has no shortage of exciting events, festivities, and local groups, each of which is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and form bonds of friendship. Julie will help you locate community events, social clubs, and organizations that meet your interests and lifestyle. That way, you will fit right in and feel comfortable before you know it! While moving to Atlanta, Julie will connect with the entire family and make sure that everyone feels welcome.


Pick-ups and Transportation

If you are flying into the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, it is paramount that you find appropriate transportation from the airport when you arrive. With the help of Atlanta relocation experts, there are efficient transportation options, such as private or personal drivers, that will ensure you get where you need to go. Julie is here to answer any questions you have about the airport or the pick-up process to make sure everything runs smoothly upon your arrival. 


Storage and Moving

Once you have decided on a home and are ready to start relocating, the next step is to schedule storage for your belongings and move them into your new space. There may be an interim time from when you close to when you can move-in to your new home. Julie will help you find adequate temporary occupancy, storage and moving options to help ease the process. When the excitement of moving day arrives, you’ll want to work with a reliable moving team that will properly take care of your belongings as they are transported to your new home. 

Julie always makes a point to go above and beyond for her clients every step of the way—she provides guidance in moving and storage, so you will know that your belongings are in careful and trustworthy hands as they travel to their new destination.

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Julie Altenbach Can Assist With this Process

Although relocating to Atlanta (or relocating anywhere!) may feel overwhelming, when you have expert Realtor Julie Altenbach in your corner, you can access the most premium services and resources available. In fact, the Harry Norman Realtors team has a division specifically for relocation—the first in Atlanta to service this dire need for new residents, whether they are moving domestically or internationally.  

Julie is well-established and knowledgeable about everything “Atlanta.” From new-construction homes to condos to single-family properties, Julie is well-versed in it all. When Julie steps in to assist you in your real estate endeavors, she will work tirelessly to make sure that you find the Atlanta community that is perfect for you and your family. After all, her goal is to make sure that you love living in Atlanta as much as she has for so many years.

If you have any questions about this process or would like more information on these Atlanta relocation expert services provided by Julie, contact her office today. 

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